In photographs taken from space, the earth appears to be a peaceful, undivided sphere of blue oceans and lands without boundaries. That view of an undivided earth is misleading, because our world is crisscrossed by national borders which divide us.

One such border divides the United States from Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Latinos and mainstream Americans are also separated by an invisible cultural border as well. Despite many similarities in their histories, the two groups differ to a surprising degree in their values and their behavior. The Invisible Border: Latinos in America was written to bridge this cultural gap.

The need to do so has grown as the U.S. Latino population has swelled to an estimated 43 million, with 8% of all registered voters, and an annual disposable income of nearly a trillion dollars.

The authors wrote The Invisible Border to help Americans to understand their Latino neighbors, customers, and coworkers, and even their Latino spouses. Both coauthors are psychologists, one a Colombian who has spent the bulk of his professional life in the United States, and the other an American who spent a significant portion of his in Latin America. Each has married within his adopted culture, and with his wife has raised bicultural, bilingual children.

Ordering The Invisible Border

The Invisible Border is published by Intercultural Press, the premier publisher of books exploring and celebrating cultural diversity. The book, and many others written to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and communication, may be ordered online at:

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A1Families ALa Familia / The Anglo Family / ¡Un Bebé! (A Baby) / A Blessed Event

Chapter 2 A1Fathers AEl Jefe (The Boss) / Fathers and Sons / Mi Reina (My Queen) / Fathers and Daughters

Chapter 3
A1Mothers ALa Jefa (The Boss Lady) / Mothers and Sons / Jefa e Hija (Daughter) / Mothers and Daughters

Chapter 4 A1Becoming An Adult APulling Away--or Not / But Those Are My Friends! / Dates versus Novios / First Jobs

Chapter 5 A1Male and Female Gender Roles ASex or Gender? / Machismo versus Title IX / A Double Standard

Chapter 6 A1Friendship AThe Fragility of Friendships / ¡Mi Amigo! / Godfathers and Godmothers / You're So Far Away / Join the Club

Chapter 7 A1Morality AAnything for a Friend / Shame / Sorry, but That's the Rule / Guilt

Chapter 8 A1Religion ILet A Hundred Flowers Bloom / Latino Culture is Catholic / Disobeying the Church /
Chapter 8 A1Religion IMy Religion is no Laughing Matter

Chapter 9 A1Thinking Styles ALogic or Intuition / Go Do the Right Thing / "Can do" or "No way"? / A Tingling on the Back of His Tongue /
Chapter 9 Thinking Styles AA1Logical and Positive Can Be Negative / The Upside of Looking Down

Chapter 10 ALatinos in the Workplace AI'm Not my Job / Getting Along with the Boss / Coworkers or Friends? / A Little Respect Please /
Chapter 10 Latinos in the Workplace AAAre Latinos More Loyal?

Chapter 11 ALatino Students AObstacles / Who's the Boss? / The Power of Personalismo (The Personal Touch) / Different is Good

Chapter 12 ALatino Customers AKeeping up With the Garcias / Recreational Shopping / The Power of Personalismo, Again

Chapter 13 ALatinos in the Voting Booth AA Sleeping Giant / Family Values / Charisma / Politics and Marital Fidelity / Madam President /
Chapter 13 Latinos in the Voting Booth AAAdvice to Candidates

Chapter 14 ALatino Acculturation ALearning How to be an American / Immigration 101 / Still Latino? / Latinos Who Reject Their Culture

Chapter 15 ACross-Cultural Romances ALatinas Are Fine / Mutual Irritation / Tall, Dark, and Handsome / More Mutual Irritation /
Chapter 15 ACross-Cultural Romances AOvercoming Cultural Differences



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